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Video Poker

Our casino offers 6 versions of video poker game. The particular feature of our video poker is the opportunity to play simultaneously on up to 50 hands.

Jacks or Better. Classic version. This game uses a standard 52-card deck. The minimum winning combination is a pair of Jacks.

Tens or Better. This game has many common features with Jacks or Better, but winnings occur more often. A player just needs a pair of Tens to win.

Aces and Faces. Another form of Jacks or Better. Four-of-a-Kind hands with face cards and Aces pay extra bonuses. Four-of-a-Kind hands in Jacks, Queens and Kings pay out 40:1, while Four-of-a-Kind hands in Aces pay out 80:1.

Joker Poker. The game uses a 53-card deck. The 53rd card is a Joker, which functions as a wildcard. It can represent any other card in the deck. If the player is dealt Joker and, let say, 4 Aces, the player has a combination of 5 Aces, i.e. Five-of-a-Kind. The highest possible combination is the Royal Flush without a Joker. A Royal Flush with a Joker is called a Wild Royal Flush and pays out less. The minimum winning combination is a pair of Kings.

Double Joker Poker. Two Jokers that function as wildcards are added to a 52-card deck. Two Pair is the minimum winning combination.

Deuces Wild. Each Deuce is a wildcard, meaning there are 4 wildcards in the game. It is easy to be dealt a combination in this game, but players need Three-of-a-Kind or higher to win.

Each Video Poker game features two different payout schemes: the conventional one, and its duplicate with no house edge.

Basic Rules

  1. The game is conducted on one or several hands. The player can play on 3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 hands simultaneously. By pressing the "Hands" button, the player can choose the desired number of hands.

  2. The size of a bet can range from 1 to 5 credits per hand that is participating in the game. To increase the bet, press the "Bet One" button. The bet size is cycled, so that if a current bet is 5 credits per hand, pressing this button again will decrease the bet to 1 credit.

  3. The deal starts as soon as the player presses the "Deal" button. Since the original cards have been dealt, this button passes into the "Change" position. Now, the player can strengthen his hand by replacing the unwanted cards. The card exchange is free. Each hand in the game receives the same original cards, and replaced cards are also the same. However, the exchange is conducted separately, so new cards for each hand are dealt independently.

  4. The size of the win of various poker combinations is given in the payout table, located in the game window. All payouts are indicated in credits.

  5. If the player hits a winning combination, he can start the double game by pressing the "Double" button. In this case, he can either double his win by guessing the color of the card, or quadruple it by guessing its suit. If he fails to guess correctly, his winnings will be lost.

Additional Information about Video Poker

  1. The number of credits available is displayed on the Credits indicator. On the Bet x Hands indicator, the player’s bet on one hand (from 1 to 5 credits) and the number of hands participating in the game (1, 3, 5, 10, 25 or 50) is indicated. The product of these values is the total bet, made by the player in a given deal.
  2. At the beginning of the game, 1 credit is equal to 25 cents. Players can change this ratio by pressing the "Coin Value" buttons, on the bottom-left panel of machine. The left button decreases the value and the right one increases it. The credit value can vary from €0.10 to €1.

  3. If the player wants to bet the maximum 250 credits – 5 credits on each of 50 hands – he can simply press the "Bet Max" button. As soon as he presses this button, the deal starts.

  4. During the card exchange the player has to fix all the cards that he wants to save in his hand. To fix the card, the player simply has to click on it: the "Hold" mark will appear on it. Clicking again will unfix the card.

  5. If the player hits a winning combination after original deal, the cards from this combination will be fixed automatically. This is done for the player’s convenience, and if he wants he can unfix the selected cards.

  6. To finish the game, the player has to press the "Change" button. The exchange of cards is then conducted. On the Payout indicator the player can see his total win on all the hands participating in the game.

  7. The doubling rounds can be continued for as long as the player wants, but the maximum win is limited to 25000 credits. If the player’s current account exceeds 6250 credits, trying to quadruple the bet is not allowed; if his account exceeds 12500, the player is not allowed to double his bet.

  8. The maximum payout is limited to €20,000 (including the double game’s result).